How do children learn to move and interact with the world around them?

Throughout infancy and childhood, children learn a host of new motor skills: sitting, reaching, crawling, and walking.  In the Action Lab, we study how children learn these skills, and how they learn to adapt their actions to their physical and social environments.

Typical studies last about an hour and involve a one-time visit to our research center at New York University near Washington Square Park.  We would observe your child on specially designed playground equipment to see how children make decisions about action.  Your child might walk over bridges or down steps, swing across monkey bars, or run around in our playroom. Your child might also wear a special eye-tracker that allows us to record where children are looking as they move and play.

We invite you to help us discover how children learn and develop by participating in one of our studies!

For more information on the Action lab, please see:

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