Q: Why should I participate?
A: The studies are fun and interesting and your child's participation will help further scientific research.

Q: Does my baby/child get anything for participating?
A: All labs give babies souvenirs of the study such as diplomas, photos of your baby in action, t-shirts, bibs, gift certificates, or savings bonds. In addition, at your request, we can reimburse your travel expenses.

Q: What age groups do you study?
A: We study children from birth to 18 years of age.

Q: Where will I be during the visit?
A: Caregivers are with their babies at all times.

Q: How long do the studies take?
A: Studies can take anywhere from 15 to 120 minutes. Most studies require only one visit.

Q: When would my baby/child be able to participate in a study?
A: We match your availability with times that an experimenter is available. Generally, we encourage you to choose times when your baby would not be hungry or need a nap.

Q: Will my child's session be confidential?
A: Yes. All of the information we obtain from your child's session will be kept confidential. Each child will be assigned a code number and only the experimenters associated with the project will have access to the information.

Q: What happens if my baby gets fussy?
A: If at any point during the session your baby should become fussy, we will stop the session.

Q: Do you provide therapy?
A: As a research lab, we do not provide therapy.

Q: Where are you located?
A: New York University's Washington Square Campus. (Click here for the contact information)

Q: Can I bring my other children to the session?
A: We can provide a researcher to babysit if you bring more than one child to the session.

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