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:: Upcoming Events ::

For Spring 2008: Lab Meetings every Thursday from 3pm to 5pm in 851 Meyer. Email Jen to receive email updates and announcements on lab meetings.

UPDATES: New lab publications


    Ling, S., Liu, T. & Carrasco, M. (in press) How spatial and feature-based attention affect the gain and tuning of population responses. Vision Research.

    Yeshurun, Y., Carrasco, M. & Maloney, L. (in press) Bias and Sensitivity in two-interval forced choice procedures:Tests of the difference model. Vision Research

    Carrasco, M. (2008). Visual attention alters appearance: Psychophysical studies of subjective experience. Oxford Companion to Consciousness Oxford University Press.

    Carmel, D., & Carrasco, M. (2008). Perceptual Learning and Dynamic Changes in Primary Visual Cortex. Neuron, 57, 799-801.

    Fuller, S., Rodriguez, R.Z.,& Carrasco, M. (2008). Apparent contrast differs across the vertical meridian: visual and attentional factors. Journal of Vision, 8(1), 1-16.

    Yeshurun, Y,. Montagna, B. & Carrasco, M. (2008). On the flexibility of sustained attention and its effects on a texture segmentation task. Vision Research, 48(1), 78-93.

    Yeshurun, Y. & Carrasco, M. (2008) The effects of transient attention on spatial resolution and the size of the attentional cue. Perception & Psychophysics, 70(0), 104-113.

    Find the full text articles here: Publications