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What we're doing now in the lab...

Currently, we are trying in vain to find the perfect formula to bring peace to the world.

When we are not busy trying to save the world, we run visual psychophysics experiments. At the moment, we are conducting several studies within the fields of biomechanics, visual attention, performance fields, illusions, development and other creative combinations of cognition and early visual processing in the vast area of vision sciences.
We are firm believers in the Gabor (a gabor: a sinusoidal grating enveloped by Gaussian window). In the most secular sense of the term, a gabor is the fundamental unit that comprises all information presented in our visual world. Therefore, these gratings are often used as stimuli to judge how the visual system performs in different tasks targeting the primary level of visual analysis. We also like to use textures, square shapes with a gap in either of the four sides, characters like letters and numbers, lines and dots, faces...

Please see the PEOPLE pages for more info on what we are doing in the Carrasco Lab.