Supplements to Explaining Psychological Statistics -- updated Aug 2006


• Instructor's Manual •

The instructor's manual, which contains detailed answers to all of the exercises in the text plus my commentary on the educational purposes of particular exercises, is now available for downloading at: When you try to get the manual, you will be asked to make up a user name and password, and then fill in information on a form and submit it; you will then be notified in a few days that you can use your user name and password to download the material available to instructors.

• Test Bank •

Also available to instructors is the "test bank," a collection of about 30 multiple choice questions (the correct answers are "starred") for each chapter of the text: Even if you do not use the test bank as a source of questions for your own exams, you may want to use some of the items as additional homework exercises (you may want to delete the choices for the numerical problems and leave them open-ended), or for ungraded quizzes to stimulate discussion.

• Computer Exercises •

A supplement containing exercises to be solved by statistical software and including data sets for those exercises (in both ASCII and SPSS formats) is available on a companion ("student") site that is available without a password. The computer exercises are available for downloading at:

• Study Guide Translator •

There is no study guide at the present time, but users of Explaining Psychological Statistics (EPS, 2nd Ed.) may find the study guide (ESG) for the Essentials of Statistics ... (by Cohen and Lea) to be helpful (see link on the ESG page). To make it easier for EPS users to take advantage of the ESG, I created the following document to translate chapter, table, and formula numbers between the two books: Study Guide Translator.

• Math Review •

For students who need a review of very basic math in order to do their stats exercises, here is a link to a pdf document called Basic Math Review. You can also access it from any of the individual textbook web pages below.


Please do not hesitate to send me your comments, suggestions, etc., on the text or any of its supplements at (or let me know at that address if you are having any difficulty obtaining or using the supplements, or you want me to create some additional supplement). Thank you. Barry Cohen


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