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The NYU Couples Lab is directed by Professor Patrick E. Shrout, and it focuses on two kinds of research, one substantive and the other methodological.  Our substantive interests are concerned with how daily transactions of social support affect psychological functioning of individual partners and also how they affect relationship processes such as intimacy, conflict and satisfaction.  In addressing these questions we consider social cognitive perspectives, motivational perspectives, as well as relationship perspectives.

Our methodological interests are concerned with two lines of research.  One is how people respond to survey questions and questions about their feelings, health and stress.  The other concerns the formulation of statistical models of dependency in dyadic diary data.  We work with multilevel models, structural equation models, and dynamic process models.  We are particularly interested in evaluating the payoff of complex modern statistical methods on insights in relationship processes.  We are also interested in measurement issues in daily diary studies, including first day effects in surveys and indices of generalizability of diary measures.

Our lab collaborates with the Couples Lab at Columbia University run by Professor Niall Bolger

updated 13 June 2012

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