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I received my BA in Psychology from Harvard College, and my MA and Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from New York University, where I was a MacCracken Fellow. My doctoral dissertation analyzed the relationship between narcissism and fairness in the workplace, and my masters thesis examined the impact of trust on negotiation. Before graduate school, I worked at Republic National Bank of New York for three years, first as a Management Trainee and then as Assistant to the CEO. After graduate school, I was Director of Human Resources at before founding Dattner Consulting.

At Dattner Consulting, I work with a variety of corporate and non-profit organizations, helping them become more successful by developing a better understanding of the impact of individual psychology and group dynamics on their performance. My consulting services endeavor to enable organizations to make better hiring and staffing decisions, to enhance the professional capabilities of managers and employees, to configure teams more effectively, and to reduce the amount of interpersonal and intergroup conflict.


-New York Metro Association of Applied Psychology
- Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology
-Organization Development Network of New York


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Dattner, B. (2000). Who's the fairest of them all?: The impact on narcissism on self- and other-rated fairness in the workplace. Doctoral dissertation, New York University. Dissertation Abstracts International-B (60-9B) P. 4942.

As research assistant: Allmendinger, J. & Hackman, J.R. (1996). Organizations in changing environments: the case of East German symphony orchestras. Administrative Sciences Quarterly, 41 (3), 337 - 369.


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