NYU Psychology This Week


Week of 10/20/2014-10/26/2014


Monday, October 20

Neuroscience Colloquium
Regina Carelli, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Mesolimbic Dopamine Signaling in Learning, Decision Making, and Addiction
NYU Langone Medical Center
Skirball 3rd Floor Seminar Room

Tuesday, October 21

Social Program Brown Bag
Clancy Blair
, NYU-Stienhardt
The Development of Executive Functions in Childhood: The Case for Moderate Early Life Stress
6 Washington Place, Room 551

Advisory Committee

Faculty Meeting

Thursday, October 23

Cognition and Perception Area Seminar
James Higham, NYU
Understanding the diversity of primate appearance: a visual ecology approach
6 Washington Place, Room 551

CNS First Year Talks
Silvia Lopez-Guzman
Clinical implications from temporal discounting: towards a computational approach
Bas van Opheusden
Modeling decision-making in combinatorial games
Kevin Brown
Effector-specific decision-making in the macaque frontal lobe
Olivier Henaff
Uncovering pancakes in natural images
Jonathan Gill
Tracking rapidly induced receptive field plasticity in auditory cortex
6 Washington Place, Room 815

Friday, October 24

Center for Social and Political Behavior Talk
Christopher Parker
, University of Washington
Change They Can't Believe: The Tea Party and Reactionary Conservatism in America

Following this presentation, Professors Eric Knowles (Department of Psychology) and
Jeff Goodwin (Department of Sociology) will offer comments for discussion.

Puck Building, Department of Sociology, 295 Lafayette Street
Fourth Floor Conference Room, 4156

Vision Journal Club
Noah Benson, Postdoctoral fellow (Winawer Lab)
Unsupervised Learning of the Retinal Mosaic
6 Washington Place, Room 815

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