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NYU Psychology Talks — 2015-2016

Distinguished Lecture Series

March 1
Susan Gelman
, University of Michigan
NYU Eisner & Lubin Auditorium
60 Washington Square South, 4th Floor

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Cognition & Perception Colloquia

On Thursdays in Psychology Room 551 from 12:30-1:30 pm, unless otherwise noted. Here's a map with directions.

September 17
Mark Blumberg, University of Iowa
Developing the sensorimotor system in our sleep

September 24
Fiery Cushman, Harvard University
Habitual Control of Goal Selection in Humans

October 8
Randy Gallistel, Rutgers University
The Analytic Theory of Associative Learning

October 29
Susana Martinez Conde, SUNY

November 12
Joe Austerweil, Brown University

December 10
Daniel Povinelli, University of Louisiana
Special Time: 5:00pm

March 3
Casey Lew Williams, Princeton University

March 10
Dima Amso, Brown University

March 24
Alan Stocker, University of Pennsylvania

March 31
David Poeppel, NYU

April 21
Fourth Year Talks
Ian Donovan
, NYU Psychology Doctoral Student
Elizabeth Goldfarb
, NYU Psychology Doctoral Student

April 26
Henrik Ehrsson, Karolinska Institutet
Special Day: Tuesday

April 28
Fourth Year Talks
Wayne Mackey, NYU Psychology Doctoral Student

May 5
Fourth Year Talks
Anna Coenen, NYU Psychology Doctoral Student
Elyse Norton, NYU Psychology Doctoral Student

May 12
Fourth Year Talks
James Tee,
NYU Psychology Doctoral Student
Alexa Tompary, NYU Psychology Doctoral Student

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Social Colloquia

On Thursdays in Psychology Room 551 at 4pm unless otherwise noted. Here's a map with directions.

October 15
Shinobu Kitayama, University of Michigan
Affective Foundations of Sociality: Co-evolution of Genes and Culture

November 12
David DeSteno, Northeastern University

November 19
Wendy Wood, USC

February 18
Margaret Clark, Yale University

April 14
Jeffrey Sherman, UC Davis

Social Neuroscience Colloquia

On Thursdays in Psychology Room 551 at 4pm unless otherwise noted. Here's a map with directions.

December 3
Rebecca Saxe, MIT

December 17
Naomi Eisenberger, UCLA

April 27
Wendy Mendes, UCSF

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Social Psychology Brown Bags

On Tuesdays from 12:30-2:00 pm in Psychology Room 551, unless otherwise noted. Here's a map with directions.

September 15
Jerry Clore, University of Virginia
Emotional Impact: New Light on Affect in Judgment and Thought

September 29
Eric Vanman, University of Queensland
Trust, Schadenfreude, Guilt, and the Shapes of Rocks on a New Hampshire Farm

October 20
Nim Tottenham, Columbia University
human amygdala-pfc circuitry development and the role of the caregiver

October 27
Yoav Bar-Anan, Ben-Gurion University

November 3
Michael Gilead
We Take Care of Our Own: Caregiving Salience Increases Out-Group Bias in Response to Out-Group Threat
David Kalkstein
Generalizing from generalizations: The effect of contrasts in category representation

November 11
Leor Hackel
Instrumental social learning: Uniting action and social cognition
Peter Mende-Siedlecki
Dynamic Influences on Social Perception

November 17
Chadly Stern
Being Unique and Sharing Reality: How Liberals and Conservatives Satisfy Relational Goals
Daniel Yudkin
Taking the Big Picture: Causes and Consequences of Situational Transcendence

November 24
Bryan Sim
Katherine Thorson

December 1
Francesca Manzi
Breaking the glass ceiling? The effect of female leaders on other women's evaluations
Joanna Sterling
Ideological Differences in Language Use: A Study of the U.S. Congress

December 8
Marika Yip-Bannicq
Construal Level & Control: an Integrative Framework for Intrapersonal & Interpersonal Conflict
Rugile Tuskeviciute
Navigating Rejection Sensitivity: Impact of Construal Level on Coping with Rejection

January 26
Jon Freeman, NYU

February 2
Lisa Leslie, NYU Stern

February 16
Billy Brady
Crystal Clarke

February 23
Pia Dietze
John Sciarappo

March 1
Christina Crosby
Julian Wills

March 8
Annie Hill
Alexa Hubbard

March 22
Melanie Langer
Brenna Malta

March 29
Ryan Stolier
Yanitsa Toneva

April 5
Matthew Riccio
Qi Xu

April 12
Vivienne Badaan
Susanna Stone

April 19
Leland Jasperse
Diego Reinero

April 26
Jeffrey Brooks
Ben Stillerman

All dates subject to change.

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Developmental Colloquia

On Tuesdays in Psychology Room 551 at 4:00pm, unless otherwise noted. Here's a map with directions.

May 5
Kristina Olson, University of Washington
When gender and sex collide: The TransYouth Project

May 17
Mahesh Srinivasan, University of California, Berkeley
The role of flexible language in linguistic and cognitive development

All dates subject to change.

Job Talks


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