Advance Praise

"Expert and lucid ... carries the reader to the edge of current knowledge in areas of great fascination and promise.” 

—Noam Chomsky

“In this crystal-clear and entertaining book, Marcus offers new ideas for how to integrate what we know about the thinking, talking person. [His] brilliantly original book is a contribution both to popularizing science and to science itself.”

—Steven Pinker

"This is without doubt the clearest account of the relationship between genes and environment that I have ever read. Marcus has digested an enormous amount of information from very diverse fields and integrated it into a smooth-flowing, user-friendly whole"

—Derek Bickerton,
Author of Language and Human Behavior

“The Birth of the Mind is fast, accurate, and informative--an excellent overview of new ideas and research. Gary Marcus will light all eight of your brain's lobes!"

— Greg Bear
Author of Darwin's Children

“Engaging and clear.....covers a truly amazing range”

—Richard C. Atkinson,
Past President, University of California

"Gary Marcus has written the real deal. This book is smart, tough, and insightful."

— Michael S. Gazzaniga,
Author of Nature's Mind

"If you've ever wondered about the space between genes and the mind, here’s the book that connects the dots. Marcus’s book is clear, fascinating, and up-to-date.”

— Howard Gardner,
Author, Frames of Mind