Memory Disorders Research Society

2004 Meeting

October 7th to October 9th

Gramercy Park Hotel, New York City

Hosted by Wendy Suzuki & Liz Phelps

Memory Disorders Research Society

2004 Annual Meeting

New York

Preliminary Program




Thursday, October 7th

Breakfast                   8:00-8:30 AM

Symposium:             Cross-Species Studies of Well-Learned Information

                                          Organizer: Wendy Suzuki

8:30-9:05                     Gordon Winocur
Preserved Spatial Memory Following Hippocampal Lesions:
Effects of Extensive Experience in a Complex Environment

9:05-9:40                    Joe Manns
Acquisition and consolidation of
episodic and semantic memory

9:40-10:15                  Wendy Suzuki
The representation of well-learned information in
the monkey hippocampus and perirhinal cortex

10:15-10:20                 Discussion

Break                          10:20-10:40

Symposium:             Memory Systems Meet Reward Systems: The Interface of Memory

                                          and Decision-Making. Organizer: Russ Poldrack

10:40-10:50                 Introduction

11:00-11:30                 Russ Poldrack
"Reward" systems and feedback-based learning

11:30-12:00                 Mauricio Delgado
Reward-related processing in the human caudate nucleus

12:00-12:30                 Barry Richmond
Learning and memory related to the
balance between reward and work

12:30-1:00                   Rob Rogers
The neural and neurochemical basis of human risky choice

Lunch                         1:00-2:30

Symposium:             Memory Disruption: Reconsolidation and Suppression

                                          Organizers: Mike Anderson, Liz Phelps

2:30-2:40                     Introduction

2:40-3:10                     Michael Anderson
Management of unwanted memories through inhibitory
control: a role for disrupted reconsolidation?

3:10-3:40                     Joseph LeDoux
Re-Representation of Emotional Memory

3:40-4:10                     Break

4:10-4:40                     Cristina Alberini
Toward the understanding of the mechanisms
and functions of memory reconsolidation

4:40-5:10                     Karim Nader
Memory reconsolidation as a new psychiatric
target in the treatment of psychopathologies

5:10-520                     Discussion

Banquet                      Novita 102 E. 22nd Street

                                    6:30-7:30                     Cocktail hour

                                    7:30 on                         Dinner


Friday, October 8th

Breakfast                    8:30-9:10 AM

Symposium:             Neuroimaging of True and False Memories
Organizer: Dan Schacter

 9:10-9:20                    Introduction

 9:20-9:50                   Daniel Schacter
Retrieval of true and false memories

 9:50-10:20                 Brian Gonsalves
Encoding processes and false memory

Break                          10:20-10:50

       10:50-10:20               Elizabeth Kensinger
     Emotion and false memories

Paper Session:           11:20-11:50               Roddy Roediger
                                                                       Frontal status is correlated with true and
                                                                       false memories in three paradigms

       11:50-12:00               Discussion

Lunch:                        12:00 to 2:00

Data Blitz                   2:00-3:15                   Kelly Giovanello (Cermak Award Winner),  Irene Daum, Lila Davachi,
Ian Dobbins, Stefan Kohler, Brian Levine, Hans Markowitsch,
Andrew Mayes, Ken Norman, Ken Paller, Charan Ranganath, Jon Simons

Break                          3:15-3:45

Symposium:               What Is The Role of the Parietal Cortex in Memory Retrieval?

                                          Organizer: Mick Rugg

3:45-3:55                     Introduction

3:55-4:25                     Roberto Cabeza
Parietal cortex and episodic memory retrieval:
retrieval success vs. perceived oldness

4:25-4:55                     Anthony Wagner
fMRI and MEG correlates of recollection and familiarity

4:55-5:25                     Mark Wheeler
Functionally distinct regions in left parietal cortex:
Evidence from studies of memory and attention

5:25-5:55                     Mick Rugg
What has the parietal cortex got to do with memory?

5:55-6:05                     Discussion

Business Meeting      6:10   


Saturday, October 9th

Breakfast                    8:30-9:00 AM

Paper Session             9:00-9:20                    Gianfranco Dalla Barba
                                     Confabulation and memory systems

                                     9:20-9:40                      Frank Rosler & Patrick Khader
                                      EEG and fMRI correlates of storage and
                                      retrieval of faces and spatial positions

                                     9:40-10:00                    Robin Morris
                                      Differential effects of subthreshold
                                      hippocampal stimulation on encoding and
                                      retrieval in episodic memory

Break                          10:00-10:20

Symposium:                Neurochemical Basis of Memory Processes

                                          Organizer: Mark D’Esposito

10:20-11:00                 Amy Arnsten
Introduction & the norepinephrine system

11:00-11:30                 Mark D’Esposito
The dopamine system

11:30-12:00                 Paul Bentley
The cholinergic system

12:00-12:30                 Roshan Cools
The seroternergic system

Adjourn                      12:30 PM