Where are we?
The Phelps Lab itself is located in Meyer Hall, which is home to both the Psychology Department and the renowned Center for Neural Science. Having access to faculty, students, and facilities for both departments provides a vast array of resources from which to draw upon for research ideas, problems, and solutions.

Maps and directions provided by the Psychology Department.

Phelps Lab
Meyer Hall
New York University
6 Washington Place, Room 890
New York, NY 10003

Contact information for all our lab members is available by visiting their information in the Who We Are area.

Please direct general inquiries to our Lab Manager at phelpslab@nyu.edu.

To contact Dr. Phelps, please email her at liz.phelps@nyu.edu

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Interested in volunteering in the lab?
Please send an email to our Lab Manager with a brief description of your background, experience and interests.