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      The Phelps lab investigates human learning and memory and its relation to emotion. We use a cognitive neuroscience approach in which we attempt to discover the neural systems involved in these behaviors. Most of our studies use a combination of techniques including behavioral assessments, psychophysiological responses, brain activation assessed with functional magnetic resonance imaging, and the investigation of patients with brain lesions. By combining these techniques we hope to achieve a more complete understanding of the complex interactions between learning, emotion and the human brain. Our research has investigated a wide range of behaviors related to emotional learning including implicit and explicit memory, attention, and social responses. Composite Image

Where we are

Many views of the human brain

      Located in the heart of New York University's Greenwich Village campus in Manhattan, the Lab is ideally situated for a rich exchange of ideas, culture, and experience. NYU itself is a leading academic institution, boasting some of the top graduate programs in the country for a wide variety of disciplines.

     The Phelps Lab itself is located in Meyer Hall, which is home to both the Psychology Department and the renown Center for Neural Science. Having access to faculty, students, and facilities for both departments provides a vast array of resources from which to draw upon for research ideas, problems, and solutions.

Our lab is part of the NYU Center for Neuroeconomics which combines the fields of psychology, neuroscience and economics to focus on the study of decision making.

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     We welcome and encourage you to explore this site in its entirety. Whether you are a graduate student, post-doc, Ph.D., or undergrad, we hope this site will familiarize you with our work. If you are seeking employment or graduate study, please feel free to contact the Lab Director, Dr. Liz Phelps, for any further questions.

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