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Karolina Lempert received Douglas and Katherine Fryer Thesis Fellowship in Psychology

Mathew Hakimi won the 2016 Doris Aaronson Award for outstanding departmental research for his Honors Thesis, as well as Best in Poster Presentation Award at the NYU College of Arts and Science 42nd Annual Undergraduate Research Conference.

Claire Gillan was awarded the BAP Junior Psychopharmacology Award for excellence in psychopharmacology research

Gus Baker won the 2015 Ravi and Nalni Saligram Research Scholar for writing the best undergraduate grant proposal

Chrissy Sandman won the 2014 Doris Aaronson Award for outstanding departmental research for her Honors Thesis

Liz Phelps receives the Distinguished Scholar Award from The Social and Affective Neuroscience Society

Jennifer Lenow won the NSF's Graduate Research Fellowship

Chrissy Sandman receives Best Poster in the NYU Undergraduate Research Conference

Joseph Dunsmoor won the CNS NIMH training program in Learning, Development and Plasticity

Elizabeth Goldfarb and Karolina Lempert won the NSF's Graduate Research Fellowships

Liz Phelps named a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Liz Phelps elected incoming President of the Association of Psychological Science

Catherine Hartley receives James McKeen Cattell Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation, Honorable Mention

Laura Palazzolo receives Dean's Undergraduate Research Conference 2012 Best Panel Award

Jian Li receives Peter and Patricia Gruber International Research Awards in Neuroscience

Daniela Schiller receives New York Academy of Sciences Blavatnik Award

Catherine Hartley receives APA Dissertation Research award

Emma Ferneyhough receives Douglas and Katherine Fryer Thesis Fellowship in Psychology

Jeffrey Hamilton receives Doris Aaronson Award for Outstanding Departmental Honors Thesis

Jeffrey Hamilton receives Best Poster in the NYU Undergraduate Research Conference

Peter Sokol-Hessner receives Douglas and Katherine Fryer Thesis Fellowship in Psychology