Tobias Brosch Mauricio Delgado Sonya Dougal Lasana Harris Erno Hermans

Ulrike Rimmele Daniela Schiller Damian Stanley
Adam Anderson Annemieke Apergis-
Nina Curley Emma Ferney-
Catherine Hartley Kevin Labar Sara Levens Andreas Olsson
M. Raio
Tali Sharot

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Baylor College of Medicine, PhD

Nanjing University, BS


Research Interests:
The goal of my research is to explore the computational and neural substrates of learning and economic decision-making. More specifically, I am interested in understanding how humans, as social agents, incorporate various streams of information and how the information is encoded, represented, compared to generate coherent decisions. My research thus focuses on two broad areas of topics: ( I ) neural bases of social learning and valuation, and ( II ) neural computation underlying decisions under uncertainty. These are the key problems that herald the interdisciplinary field of neuroeconomics and they demand the confluence of research approaches such as decision neuroscience, social psychology and behavioral economics. These approaches can be jointly applied to carefully designed decision problems in social setting and provide the main scaffolding of my research.

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*Authors contributed equally to the work.