Jackie "of
all trades"




Post-Doctoral Fellow
New York University
Department of Psychology & Center for Neural Science

University of Amsterdam
BSc in Psychology, 2007

University of Utrecht
MSc in Neuroscience & Cognition, 2008

Radboud University
PhD in Neuroscience, 2013, Cum Laude
PhD Supervisors: Dr. Guillen Fernandez & Dr. Bryan Strange



My research focuses on the dynamic nature of memory. Following encoding memories are initially labile but stabilized over time during a process known as consolidation. For a long time memories were thought to be insensitive to further alteration once consolidation is completed. Our work has contributed to a change in this view on memory. Using neuroimaging in combination with pharmacological and genetic approaches we have shown that memories can be altered upon reactivation. This opens up potential novel avenues for the treatment of traumatic memories that contribute to anxiety disorders.

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