Concentration in Developmental Psychology

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Are you looking for a doctoral program with diversity and flexibility? The Developmental Concentration provides exposure to a wide spectrum of issues in developmental psychology while also allowing you to focus on your own area of special interest. The program offers in-depth training in developmental psychology in conjunction with study in one of the department's core areas: Cognition & Perception or Social. This interdisciplinary approach offers students considerable flexibility while ensuring a strong understanding of developmental theories and methods of investigation--all of which are great advantages when students finally enter the job market.

Developmental Concentration Faculty also have links with the Institute of Human Development and Social Change.

Areas of research include:

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Developmental Concentration

  • Two required core developmental courses:
  • Three advanced developmental electives, at least one of which should be outside the student's primary area
  • Developmental dissertation:
    • Students in the developmental concentration are required to write their dissertation on a developmental topic with the supervision of a developmental faculty advisor.
  • Transcript:
    • The developmental concentration at NYU is certified by New York State and will be noted on the student's transcript.


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