Graduate Financial Aid

Doctoral Financial Aid

All students accepted into the Department of Psychology's doctoral programs are fully funded through the Henry M. MacCracken Program. MacCracken Fellows are funded through a combination of fellowship and research assistantship, in proportions to be determined. The award package typically includes a full tuition scholarship, comprehensive health insurance and a stipend. Funding is typically guaranteed for five years, although students with substantial graduate credits or a Master's degree may only be guaranteed four years of support.

The standard five-year financial aid package for students entering in Fall 2013 is:

  • Academic Year Stipend: $25,060 in 2013-14
  • Summer Stipend (Guaranteed first summer only): $6,000 in Summer 2014
  • Full tuition support (up to 12 credits/semester)
  • Comprehensive health-care insurance

PhD students are encouraged to apply for external fellowships to fund their own research. The National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health award predoctoral fellowships that provide stipend and tuition. The American Psychological Association awards fellowships to minorities.

For more general financial aid information, please visit the Graduate School of Arts and Science financial aid page.