Welcome to the NYU Psychology MA Program



The Psychology Master of Arts Program is offered by the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science.

The program offers a unique opportunity for study in one of the most prestigious departments of psychology, with a distinguished faculty of more than 35 full-time professors plus a large adjunct faculty. The MA Program is structured as a terminal degree open to qualified students with diverse backgrounds who wish to develop or improve their academic and work qualifications in psychology. Many of these students ultimately gain acceptance in a variety of doctoral programs across the country, and during their stay with us benefit from an in-depth advisement process.

Two separate degrees are available from our MA Program:

  1. MA in General Psychology: This program has the flexibility to suit students who wish to explore several areas of psychology, as well as students who wish to shape their coursework to fit special interests and needs, including preparation for admission to a doctoral program. Students may design their own area of focus or choose an existing one, normally requiring 7 electives relevant to a specific area, with advisement and approval of the program director.

Common areas of focus are:

  •         Social Psychology
  •         Cognition/Perception & Neuroscience
  •        Clinical/Clinical Neuroscience
  •         Forensic Psychology
  •         Social & Consumer Psychology

Students are not required to choose an area of focus and as mentioned, may sample from a variety of elective topics in addition to satisfying the core requirements of the program.

  1. MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: This program is designed to prepare graduates to apply research and principles of human behavior to a variety of organizational settings, such as human resources departments, and management consulting firms. The program can also be modified for students who are preparing for admission to doctoral programs in Industrial/Organizational and related fields.

After the MA

General Psychology: Graduates of the General MA program pursue a variety of professional opportunities typically through advancement in employment or by gaining admission to doctoral (Ph.D. or PsyD.) programs. Graduates admitted to doctoral programs have pursued academic careers in the fields of clinical/clinical neuroscience, social psychology, cognition/perception, neuroscience or business/marketing in schools of business. MA graduates find employment opportunities in mental health settings including hospitals and clinics, marketing/branding research companies, academic and clinical research settings, and in human resources, to provide a few examples

Industrial and Organizational Psychology: The MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology opens up careers in a vast array of companies that hire psychologists with an academic background in employee relations, personnel administration, and the technical skills involved in testing, job analysis, research, etc. Most of our Industrial/Organizational graduates find employment as human resources generalists (with organizations such as law firms, hotels, and publishers) or human resources specialists for large corporations (such as banks, investment houses, and accounting firms). About a third of our I/O graduates find positions with management consulting firms (e.g., the Hay Group, Andersen Consulting, Personnel Decisions).

Questions? Contact Dana Eaton dana.eaton@nyu.edu