I/O Curriculum: A Scientist-Consultant Model

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Tim O'K.

Head of Learning and Development Financial Services

The program includes a robust research methods component that is imperative in the ‘real world.’  No matter what problem you are solving in the workplace, describing the objective and the impact of any solution in the language and numbers of business is imperative.”

NYU’s model of learning emphasizes research-based knowledge from a comprehensive academic curriculum balanced for both the “I” and “O” components, consistent with APA’s  SIOP model. You will learn a case-based, consultative methodology, applying skills to projects with real-world deliverables. 

Whether you will be entering the job market for the first time, making a career transition, seeking accelerated advancement in your current job, or intend to go to a Ph.D. program, the curriculum is relevant and real.

Lisa Saari, Ph.D.

Formerly IBM, Boeing

“As a result of successfully completing this program, you will be able to apply the best research, theory and practice to people issues in today’s organizations.”


I/O Masters Program Requirements

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