Organizations Network with NYU for Talent and Thought Leadership

NYU works to build a sustainable network of connections between organizations and our faculty, students and alumni to facilitate sourcing new talent, developing internal talent, and building thought leadership.

Sourcing New Talent

Premier organizations partner with NYU to bring professional support to their strategic and operational needs through:

  • Internship placements for summer, semester, or academic year in all areas of I/O.

  • Direct recruitment from our pool of talented graduating students for I/O positions.

  • Introductions to alumni for more senior and specialized roles in I/O.

  • Project-specific internships that meet real-time needs.

Building Internal Talent

Many organizations located in New York City take advantage of NYU’s Masters program to build their staff’s expertise and support leadership development as part of succession planning. All classes are offered in the evening, allowing staff to continue to work full time while completing the program over two to five years.

Supporting internal development as part of talent management and succession planning has economic and strategic benefits. Working professionals come to NYU to take advantage of:
  • Tailored, customized curriculum to align with current and future positions.
  • Capacity to conduct needed corporate projects in performance management, training and development, and internal strategic planning as part of completing course requirements, and under the guidance of faculty who have significant corporate or consulting experience.

  • Analysis of internal data for systematic program evaluation and/or employee satisfaction as part of a class or conducting a Masters research thesis.


Liz K.

Change Management Consultant
Management Consulting

“The I/O Program provides a unique blend of academic rigor and practical application. Not only did I learn about important theories and research, but I also had the opportunity to consult with companies on real organizational issues. This experience taught me how to diagnose company challenges, implement practical solutions, and then measure the impact. The program provided me with all of the tools to succeed in my current role as a management consultant.”

Thought Leadership

Organizations connect with NYU’s I/O program to keep current on innovations in theory and practice. Opportunities exist to collaborate with NYU faculty and students to conduct research for publication and for industry or academic conferences. The I/O program is actively involved in APA’s SIOP and is a sponsor of Metro events held at New York University.

NYU’s Project-based curriculum builds real-world problem-solving skills needed by organizations

Courses develop professional skills through case-based projects, often completed directly with organizations. The curriculum balances both the industrial and organizational areas in I/O for maximum impact and comprehensive solutions. Whether students take jobs in consulting firms or in strategic HR positions, they are prepared to deliver strategic solutions for the complex and changing business environment.

Examples of projects reflected in the I/O program’s courses include:

  • Performance Measurement & Rewards: Students conduct an evaluation of the appraisal system, compensation, and benefits strategy and tactics to compare to best practice and to suggest alternative options to improve value added and draw or retention. They investigate alternative methods and criteria for evaluation. 
  • Training and Development: Students may conduct a needs analysis to identify critical learning objectives, design curriculum using learning theory and research and may deliver pilot programs.  At times student have prepared train the trainer packs so as to allow the organization to implement going forward.
  • Organizational Development: Class teams investigate the climate and culture of an organization, considering methods such as employee survey to assess job satisfaction and engagement.  They may involve interviews or focus groups to identify trends, opportunities and challenges.  Benchmark comparisons help organizations align organizational culture with business strategy and employee interests and values.

  • Management Consulting: Students tie research and theory to organizational practice by gathering data to identify solutions and recommend changes and enhancements.  Teams might work in any area of HR to increase efficiency, increase quality, and specify targets for HR strategies. They learn the process of contracting, developing proposal, building project timelines, reporting results to clients, and overcoming resistance to change to implement solutions.


Sebastian U.

Selection and Recruitment Manager
Financial Services

"I joined the program while working full time to gain additional skills to enhance my ability to impact my organization. The program taught great  knowledge and practical tools, allowing me to effectively drive change in my organization. Beyond the value added by the challenging and engaging course work, I expanded my professional network in a way that has benefited my development and career."
  • Applied Research Methods: Students learn the skills of scientific investigation as they apply to practical decision making and problem solving, needed to conduct investigations.  They collect data, run statistical analysis and draw analytical conclusions. They may identify patterns or trends in relation to employee movement patterns, or personality types, or successful recruit characteristics.
  • Quality of Work Life Assessment:  Student teams conduct interviews and administer a quantitative assessment of five dimensions of work life quality, write a professional report of results and offer recommendations based on best practices in organizational development.

  • Executive Coaching: Students learn and practice assessment and behavioral coaching techniques. This gives students forward looking training for management roles, as executive coaching techniques are a best practice for leadership development.


Faculty prepare students for real-world assignments

The faculty includes distinguished field leaders that have served or are currently senior human capital consultants or leaders at top tier companies and consulting firms. They are most qualified to train students going directly into the workplace both in technical skills as well as prepare them to join diverse organizational cultures. All instructors hold Ph.D. degrees from recognized institutions and most have significant practical business experience demonstrating change and bottom line results. Meet the NYU I/O faculty.

Contact us about partnering with NYU

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