The I/O Student - Alumni Community

A Close-Knit Career Network


Kevin D.

Learning Solutions Manager
Financial Services

“Going through the program put me on the same level as people who had been in similar roles for 6 or 7 years. I was given opportunities because I came into the organization already knowing how to do a needs analysis, already having an understanding of leadership and management theories, and immediately being able to translate theoretical models into practical solutions. People are going to look at you in an organization as an expert.”


Thomas C.

Director, Case Processing
Met Life

"While communication is always critical, it also requires an equally well thought-out project management methodology to solve complex problems.  Learning the concepts of analysis, design, implementation and measurement, through team project and case study practice, may have been the most applicable real-world concept I mastered during my time in the program."


The students in the I/O program come from a variety of professional backgrounds and experiences. Most have several years of work experience; others are entering following college graduation. Our international students provide a global perspective on I/O from diverse cultures. NYU students bring a high record of achievement to the program and they are highly motivated, independent thinkers. They are resilient in going above and beyond meeting class requirements to take on challenges that will build leadership while in the program.

The networked community fostered while in the I/O program continues after graduation. Both the student-run Organizational Development Association and the NYU I/O Alumni Advisory Board collaborate and reinforce connections between students and alumni through organized activities.

Organizational Development Association (ODA)

ODA is a student-run group that partners with the Alumni Advisory Board to create a continuous lifecycle of opportunity to build the key skills to excel as a student, professional, and industry leader. ODA events help bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace. ODA organizes professional development workshops, social networking events, career forums, and special topic panels comprised of industry experts across disciplines.

NYU I/O Alumni Advisory Board

The Alumni Advisory Board is composed of program graduates who have shown distinction in their careers and have assumed significant leadership roles. The mission of the Alumni Board is to strategically and tactically advise the I/O Program Coordinator and faculty on the direction and continuous quality developments in the program. This “outside-in” feedback ensures maximum impact to students, alumni, and the business community. The Board meets quarterly with the Program Coordinator on strategic issue and collaborates with ODA to develop and attend networking and professional development events.


Sarah S.

Human Capital Consultant
Deloitte Consulting LLP

“With the breadth of diversity and experience of the students in this program, you immediately find yourself immersed in one of the most influential networks you’ll have in your career. Not only do we learn from our professors, but we’re learning from each other as well.”

Kristopher F.

Training and Development
Financial Services

“My involvement in the student-run ODA as a team director for two years was integral to my success in the program. ODA is run like a corporation, which provides members the opportunity to practice management, project management, and organizational skills.”