Minor in Quantitative Psychology


Psychology students who wish to obtain certification of their interest and expertise in either mathematical psychology or quantitative methods for psychological research may establish a Minor in Quantitative Psychology. When requirements outlined below are met, the completion of the minor will be recorded on the student's official records and can be included on the student's resume/vitae.

It is preferred that students interested in the minor apply before their fifth semester in the Ph.D. program. To apply, interested students need merely ask a psychology faculty member associated with the quantitative minor program to agree to serve as the student's quantitative mentor. A list of faculty who can serve as quantitative mentors can be found here: List of Quantitative Program Faculty. Students admitted to the minor will usually have received an A or an A- in the first quantitative courses in the students' Ph.D. program (e.g., Math Tools or Intermediate Statistics).

Requirements for Minor in Quantitative Psychology

1. Successful completion of a total of six quantitative courses. These may be chosen from courses offered by the Department of Psychology that have substantial quantitative content, such as:

With the approval of the quantitative mentor, courses may also be chosen from those offered by the Department of Statistics and Operations Research in the Stern School of Business, the Mathematics Department, the Economics Department, the Computer Science Department or from other departments offering statistical or mathematical graduate courses.

Successful completion of these courses normally means that the student achieves a grade of at least B+.

2. Experience in teaching quantitative psychology, either as a teaching assistant of a graduate quantitative course, or as an instructor of a college level course on quantitative methods, or through equivalent experience. The student's quantitative mentor must certify that the student satisfactorily prepared and presented lab sessions or course lectures.

3. Demonstration of ability to communicate advanced quantitative material. The student must give an oral presentation involving advanced quantitative material in one of the Department's workshop or seminar series, and the student must submit a written report that demonstrates competence in writing about quantitative psychology. This report might be a senior-authored empirical research paper that requires sophisticated quantitative methods, or it might be a review of quantitative models or methods.

The course catalog and schedule are online. When you have completed these requirements, you should fill out this form and review it and sign it with your quantitative mentor and then submit it to the Academic Affairs office (Room 158).

Updated 4/26/10