Admission Process for the Doctoral Program in Social Psychology

The NYU Doctoral Program in Social Psychology welcomes applications from well qualified persons for the next academic year. Instructions for filing the application are available at  The deadline for applications is December 1st at 5:00 pm (est).  Applications for the doctoral program are reviewed once a year only.

Admission to the Doctoral Program in Social Psychology is quite competitive.  In recent years we have received between 260 and 300 applications  and ultimately made admission offers to between seven to thirteen applicants.  The most successful applicants have had experience in conducting empirical research in social psychology or a related field, have a strong record of academic achievement, write a compelling statement about how their scientific interests match the faculty and resources at NYU, and have letters of recommendation from faculty with active research programs.  Applicants who hope to work with one or more specific faculty members at NYU should consider contacting those persons in the fall to determine if they will be seeking new students in the upcoming year.

Soon after the December deadline, the Social Program Admissions Committee assigns two reviewers to read each application.  The applications are rated and ranked by the committee, with input from professors who are mentioned in the application form. The top 30 to 40 applications are read by additional faculty members and from this review a group of applicants are invited to visit the department.  Selecting the group to visit and compiling the final list of persons offered admission is done collaboratively by the faculty as a group, not by individuals.  The admissions process for Social Psychology is separate from the process for Cognition and Perception.  Applicants whose interests span cognition, perception and social psychology should consult with relevant faculty members to determine to which program their application should be directed.

Because of the large number of inquiries and applicants, we are not able to offer visits or general tours of the program prior to review of applications.  However, in February or March, a select group of applicants will be invited to NYU for an interview and will receive a tour of the program. This part of the admissions process provides an opportunity for applicants to meet with faculty and current students before offers of admissions are made.

As described in the link, doctoral students are funded by NYU for five years, but some applicants take steps to secure individual funding from agencies such as National Science Foundation. (see Students who win such funding awards receive special consideration during the admissions process.