Doctoral Program in Social Psychology

Department of Psychology
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
New York University

Stuart W. Cook Award

For Graduate Student Research in
Social-Personality Psychology

Stuart W. Cook photo
Stuart W. Cook

The Stuart W. Cook Award is given annually to an advanced student who has made impressive contributions to research in Social Psychology while at NYU.

It is named in honor of Stuart W. Cook (1913-1993) who was an early advocate of social psychological research on social issues.  He made important contributions to the study of prejudice and social attitudes, and was a leader in building the Psychology Department at NYU, particularly the Doctoral Program in Social Psychology.

The following NYU graduates have been awarded the Stuart W. Cook Award.  Their names are also listed in a plaque that is posted in the Social Psychology conference room.

1983  Christine Hepburn
1984  Ronald N. Bond
1985  Charles Stangor
1986  Timothy Strauman
1987  Felicia Pratto
1988  Abigail Panter
1989  Leonard S. Newman
1990  Lisa A. Spielman
1991  Akiva Liberman
1992  Erik Thompson
1993  Roger Giner-Sorolla
1994  Eva Pomerantz
1995  Eun Rhee
1996  Serena Chen
1997  Tanya Chartrand
1998  Mark Chen
1999  Annette Lee-Chai
2000  Jeanette Alvarez & Jessica Cameron
2001  Alexander Todorov
2002  Melissa Ferguson
2003  Gráinne Fitzsimons
2004  Pamela Smith
2005  Kentaro Fujita
2006  Marlone Henderson
2007  Cheryl Wakslak
2008  Alison Ledgerwood
2009  Jaime Napier
2010  Saaid Mendoza
2011  Heather Barry Kappes
2012  Kyle G. Ratner
2013  Sam Maglio
2014  Shana Cole
2015  Amy Krosch