If you encounter difficulties while in the program, we hope you will feel comfortable discussing your situation with your Advisor or members of your advisory or dissertation committee. They can work with you toward a solution. However, if for whatever reason you would prefer to discuss matters outside this group we encourage you to talk to your Program Coordinator (Mike Landy or Tessa West) or the Director of Graduate Studies (Gabriele Oettingen). There are also additional resources outside the Department that may be of help:
  • If you are concerned about your own mental health (depression, anxiety, etc.), or that of another student, please contact the NYU Wellness Exchange at 212.443.9999. The Wellness Exchange is available 24/7 with experienced counselors to help connect you with the appropriate services. You can also make an appointment with or visit the Student Health Center at 726 Broadway, 3rd Floor during their walk-in hours. In each case, the information will be treated in confidence and a qualified professional will help you or try to contact and help the student in question.

  • You can also contact the Assistant Dean for Students at GSAS. (Aida Gureghian, aida.gureghian@nyu.edu, 212.998.8060) to discuss any matters of concern related to yourself or another student.

  • If you feel that you have been harassed or have witnessed another student or NYU employee being harassed, you should contact the NYU Office of Equal Opportunity (equal.opportunity@nyu.edu, 212.998.2370).

In all such matters we urge you to take action and seek help as needed.