Ellie Abrams
Lab Manager, NYC

I graduated from Pomona College this past May, where I majored in Cognitive Science with a Music minor. I completed my thesis on the effect of lifelong musicianship on executive function in older adults. At UCSD's Language Acquisition and Sound Recognition lab, I was involved in studies on music and language development in preschoolers, as well as speaker recognition in bilingual adults.

Here at the lab, I have been working on extending our basic language protocol to children ages 7-10 and will soon be recruiting in NYC public schools. Under Liina's supervision, I am also part of a collaboration with NYU Langone's Epilepsy Center which seeks to norm language tasks used in epilepsy patients' pre-surgical language mapping with non-invasive measures (MEG), as well as determine the spatial variability between critical vs. participatory cortex involved in language. Additionally, Laura Gwilliams and I are using Diana Deutsch's Shepard illusion to investigate whether tonotopic organization of the auditory cortex reflects the physical characteristics of the stimulus or the perceived pitch of the listener.