Ellie Abrams
Research Assistant, NYC

I graduated from Pomona College this past May, where I majored in Cognitive Science with a Music minor. During my undergraduate career I was able to work at the Claremont Project on Memory and Aging, where we investigated the effects of aging on tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon as well as the potential cognitive benefits of bilingualism. I completed an honors thesis which sought to determine whether lifelong musicianship has an effect on executive function in older adults. I also worked at UCSD's Language Acquisition and Sound Recognition lab, where I was involved in studies on music and language development in preschoolers, as well as speaker recognition in bilingual adults.

At NYU's Neuroscience of Language Lab, I will be transitioning from a background in behavioral cognitive science research to neurobiologically driven research rooted in linguistic theory. I hope to become involved in the upcoming collaboration with the NYU Langone epilepsy center which seeks to norm language tasks used in epilepsy patients' pre-surgical language mapping with non-invasive measures (MEG), as well as determine the spatial variability between critical vs. participatory cortex involved in language. Additionally, I hope to investigate the potential neural overlap between music and language processing and the phenomenon of language "becoming" language.