Maxime Tulling
Graduate Student, Linguistics

I am a PhD student in Linguistics (started 2016) at New York University. My interests lie in syntax (especially the syntax-semantics-pragmatics interface), psycho-/neurolinguistics and language acquisition. Topics that particularly interest me are discourse particles, sentential force and modality, which I approach from both a theoretical and experimental point of view. At the NYU Neuroscience of Language Lab (NeLL) lab I am currently working under supervision of Liina Pylkkänen on the processing of modals from different linguistic categories. I am also part of the NYU Child Language Lab (CLL) where I work with Aílis Cournane on the acquisition of linguistic modality.

My previous education took place at Leiden University, the Netherlands, where I received my BA and MA in Linguistics. My Master thesis investigated the processing of sentence final particles in Dutch (from a prosodic and behavioral point of view).



  • Tulling, M. (2015). Divide and Conquer: Split CP Hypothesis in Rhetorical Questions, the Case of SFPs in RQs. SURE! (Student Undergraduate Research E-Journal), 1(1). [Link]