Suhail Matar
Student Affiliate

I started NYU’s Cognition and Perception Ph.D. program in 2016, where I joined Alec Marantz’s lab, working on the interface between linguistics and cognitive neuroscience.

My main research interests revolve around investigating the neural mechanisms that govern language comprehension. Specifically, I am interested in questions such as: How does the human brain tackle non-concatenative morphology? Is there more than meets the eye in definiteness agreement between nouns and adjectives in Arabic and Hebrew? What can we learn about the way the brain processes language from looking at special constructions in Standard Arabic?

Previously, I completed an M.Sc. (in the Neural Interface Engineering Lab, supervised by Shy Shoham) and a B.Sc., both in the Technion’s department of Biomedical Engineering. Besides the academic work, I am also a language enthusiast and invest time in literature and literary writing.