NYU Psychology Research Opportunities

We have great facilities and we offer research opportunities for students at all levels, from high school to postdoc. Click on your choice.


Be a subject  

Be an experimenter



Studies seeking paid subjects. Our faculty do research year-round. Contact the faculty member whose interests most closely match yours. How to recruit participants.

High school students

  Enter the Intel and other science competitions.  

Undergraduate students

Fulfill course requirements of Intro Psych, Statistics, and Core A/B. Laboratory in . . . V89.0038 - V89.0047
Research Experiences and Methods V89.0999
Join the Honor's Program and do a research project.
Apply to the Center for Neural Science NSF-funded Summer Undergraduate Research Program in which many of the Psychology faculty participate.

MA students

  Research Methods and Experiences G89.2126
Independent Research G89.2140

PhD students

  Choose a PhD program.