NYU Research Studies (Paid)

These studies seek participants (subjects), and pay for your time. Click on the PDF icon to read the descriptions and requirements. If you're interested, click the contact person's name to send an email asking to participate. The same information is posted as flyers on the Paid Studies bulletin board on the first floor of the Psychology Building, 6 Washington Place, outside Room 151. To read the PDF files, you'll need the (free) Adobe the (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader. acrobat

You may also sign up for paid studies by creating a user account through the new Sona Paid Research Studies database https://nyu-paid-psych.sona-systems.com/

Study (click for details) Lab Time Pay Contact Study Expiration
Affective LearningElizabeth Phelps2 day study, .5-1 hr each day$20/hour Emily Boeke06-30-18
Brain to Brain in STEM learningDavid Poeppel3 sessions, 2-2.5 hours total $25/hour, at the completion of all 3 sessionsHenry Valk01-31-19
Cognitive Models of BehaviorTodd Gureckis30-120 minutes$10/hour (plus $5 bonus for multi-session studies)Shannon Tubridy08-21-18
Communicating Social Science FindingsRezarta Bilali1.5 hours40Yeshim Iqbal 09-05-18
Decision MakingElizabeth Phelps90 mins$20/hour with the possibility of earning an additional $0-10 depending on task performanceJennifer Lenow06-30-18
Decision Making StudyGlimcher Lab1-2 sessions, about 1 hour for each session$30/hr + task earningsHui-Kuan Chung01-03-19
Emotion And Decision MakingGlimcher LabApproximately 2 hours$15/hr plus possible food/consumer item rewards or additional moneyCandace Raio07-10-18
Emotional LearningElizabeth PhelpsThis is a 3-day study. The three sessions will occur on three consecutive days, at the same time each day. Day 1 will last 30 minutes, day 2 will last 1 hour, and day 3 will last between 30 minutes and 1 hour. One completion of the third day of the experiment, you will be paid $20/hour of total participation, for a possible total of $50 upon completion. Shelby Bachman 06-30-18
Effects On Sleep And Sleep LossTessa WestParticipants will be randomly allocated to one of two conditions: to sleep 8-9h/night for two nights or 4h/night for two nightsParticipants will be paid for their participation09-13-18
How Do We Learn To Produce New SoundsBuchwald Lab1.5-2 hours over two sessions (2 days apart)$25 upon completion of the studySpeech Study NYU02-05-19
How Do We Learn To Produce New WordsBuchwald Lab~100 minutes over two sessions$35 upon completion of studyBuchwald Lab09-25-18
How Do We Pick The Words We SayBuchwald Lab30 minutes$5 upon completion of the study Speech Study NYU10-02-18
Image Learning fMRI StudyLila Davachi2 sessions, 1-3 hours each Subjects will be paid $30/hour inside the scanner and $10/hour outside of the scanner Oded Bein06-06-18
Learning And Decision Making (for children and teens)Hartley LabUp to 3 hours$15/hour plus possible bonus $Signup Survey 06-26-18
Multimodal Affective LearningElizabeth PhelpsThis is a three day study, with 30 minutes - 1 hour on Day 1, 30 minutes on Day 2, and 30 minutes on Day 3. The three sessions must occur on three days in a row. $20/hour Elizabeth Goldfarb06-30-18
Neurodevelopment Of Value Based Learning And Decision MakingHartley LabUp to 3 hours15/hourSignup Survey06-26-18
Pair Learning (fMRI study)Lila Davachi3 sessions, 1-3 hours each $30/hr inside the scanner and $10/hr outside of the scanner Avi Chanales06-06-18
Perceptual Learning in AmblyopiaCarrasco Lab1-1.5 hours a day for up to 15 days; sessions cannot be more than 2 days apart$15/hourMariel Roberts01-24-19
Relaxing Away Math AnxietyJoshua Aronson3 sessions of 1 hour each over a period of 31 days, and 10 minutes practice per day at homeFree six-month subscription to a popular app which is worth about $50Minzhi Liu08-12-18
Word Learning StudyLila Davachi2 sessions; session 1: 30 mins, session 2: 1 hr$10/hrEmily Cowan06-06-18