NYU Research Studies (Paid)

These studies seek participants (subjects), and pay for your time. Click on the PDF icon to read the descriptions and requirements. If you're interested, click the contact person's name to send an email asking to participate. The same information is posted as flyers on the Paid Studies bulletin board on the first floor of the Psychology Building, 6 Washington Place, outside Room 151. To read the PDF files, you'll need the (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader. acrobat

You may also sign up for paid studies by creating a user account through the new Sona Paid Research Studies database https://nyu-paid-psych.sona-systems.com/

Study (click for details) Lab Time Pay Contact Study Expiration
Affective Decision Making-2 dayPhelps Lab60 minutes day 1 and 60 minutes day 2; 2-days in a row, same time$30 total after second session Joseph Dunsmoor07-05-16
Affective Decision Making-3 dayPhelps Lab3 sessions, 1 hour each $10 per hour Claire Gillan 07-05-16
Affective FlexibilityPhelps Lab2 sessions, 1 hour each$15 per hour Elizabeth Goldfarb07-05-16
Affective Flexibility 2-part Phelps Lab 2 hours over 2 visits $15 per hour Elizabeth Goldfarb 03-17-16
Affective Learning + Decision MakingPhelps Lab2-day study, must occur one week apart; 1 hour each day $20 p/hr, plus additional bonus based on performanceEmily Boeke 07-25-16
Affective Learning-fMRI StudyPhelps Lab2-day study, 1 hour each day $60 total Joseph Dunsmoor 07-05-16
Affective Search Task-Two SessionsPhelps Lab2 sessions; 2 hours first session, 30 minutes second session $15 per hour Elizabeth Goldfarb07-05-16
Confidence in Perceptual Categorization Ma Lab 5 sessions over 2 weeks $10 per session with a $15 completion bonus Will Adler 11-16-15
Choosing for OthersPhelps Lab1 hr $10 per hour, plus possible (random) bonus Nate Spilka 07-25-16
Decision making study Glimcher Lab 1 session, about 60 min $15 per hour plus task earnings Hui-Kuan Cung 01-06-16
Economic Choice BehaviorPhelps Lab1 hour $10 per hour w/ possibility of winning additional compensation Gus Baker 07-05-16
Emotion and PersistencePhelps Lab1 hour$15 per hour w/ up to $10 more depending of performaceKarolina Lempert 07-05-16
Emotional LearningPhelps Lab30-45min$15Candace Raio 07-25-16
Emotional Learning fMRIPhelps Lab2-day study, 1 hour each session; days 1 and 2 must be consecutive $30 per hour Emily Boeke 07-05-16
fMRI Memory Storage and RetrievalPhelps Lab3 sessions, 1 hour easch session; over 3 consecutive days at the same time of day$60 upon completion of all three daysMarijn Kroes07-05-16
Identifying Emotional ExpressionsBalcetis Lab1 hour $10William Brady 09-22-15
Image Processing and RestPhelps Lab3 hours $10 per hour Jessica Dalrymple07-05-16
MEG Language ComprehensionPylkkanen Lab up to 2 hours $15 per hour Samir Reddigari 06-28-16
MEG StudyMarantz Lab up to 1 hour$15 per hour Victoria Sharpe 01-05-16
Memory Game Kuhl Lab 45 minutes - 1.5 hours $10 per hour Rosalie Samide 09-1-15
Memory + Novelty ExplorationPhelps Labeither 1 hour on 2 consecutive days, or 2 hours on 1 day$15 per hour, plus possible bonus depending on performanceJoseph Dunsmoor 07-25-16
Movies and PeoplePhelps Lab1 hour $15 per hourJennifer Lenow 07-05-16
Neural Representation of Valuation Glimcher Lab 1 session, apprx 2 hours $40 plus possible food/consumer item rewards Mel Win Khaw 04-01-16
Neural Representation of Valuation_KonovaGlimcher Labapprx 2hrs $20 p/hr plus possible food/consumer item rewardsAnna Konova 04-01-16
Neural Representation of Valuation_RaioGlimcher Labapprx 2 hrs $20 p/hr plus possible food/consumer item rewardsCandace Raio 04-01-16
Personal Memories + Decision MakingPhelps Lab2-day study, 1.5 hours per day, 3-day gap between day 1 and day 2 $15 per hour on day 1, and $25 per hour on day 2, plus bonus of up to $60 depending on performance Karolina Lempert 07-25-16
Psychophysics and Language MRIMarantz Lab one session, 30 minutes 15Victoria Sharpe 01-05-16
Reasearch Internship OpportunityApplied Psychology 10 hours/week Sept 2015-June 2016Sophia Hwang
Social CognitionVan Bavel Lab 1 session, 1.5-2 hours$30; opportunity to earn more money as part of taskLeor Hackel 04-09-16
Social Judgments and Choice Jay Van Bavel 1 hour 10 Leor Hackel 11-12-15
Virtual Reality Learning and EmotionPhelps Lab1 session, 1 hour; possibility of total 3 sessions on 3 consecutive days$15 per hour; $45 total upon completionMarijn Kroes07-05-16
Visual Learning and EmotionPhelps Lab3 sessions over 3 consecutive days, same time of day; 30 minute sessions $15 per hour, possible $45 total upon completion Marijn Kroes07-05-16
Visual Learning + EmotionPhelps Lab1 hour $20 per hour Marjim Kroes 07-25-16
Visual perception, attention, and memory in humans Ma Lab between 1 and 10 one-hour sessions $10 per session Wei Ji Ma 11-16-15
Wanted: Your Thoughts on Social Identity and Civic Engagment Dr. LaRue Allen (Steinhardt) short online survey Entered into $10 Amazon Gift Card Drawing Survey 11-20-16
Young Adult Political Interest Dr. LaRue Allen (Steinhardt) short online survey Entered into $10 Amazon Gift Card Drawing Survey 01-19-17