NYU Research Studies (Paid)

These studies seek participants (subjects), and pay for your time. Click on the PDF icon to read the descriptions and requirements. If you're interested, click the contact person's name to send an email asking to participate. The same information is posted as flyers on the Paid Studies bulletin board on the first floor of the Psychology Building, 6 Washington Place, outside Room 151. To read the PDF files, you'll need the (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader. acrobat

You may also sign up for paid studies by creating a user account through the new Sona Paid Research Studies database https://nyu-paid-psych.sona-systems.com/

Study (click for details) Lab Time Pay Contact Study Expiration
Affective Decision Making Phelps Lab 2 days, 1 hour each $30 Joseph Dunsmoor 7/8/15
Affective Learning-fMRI-Study Phelps Lab 2 days, 1 hour each (must be consecutive days) $60 Joseph Dunsmoor 7/8/15
Affective Search Task: Two Sessions Phelps Lab 2 sessions, (1st session- 2 hours, 2nd session- 30mins) $15/hr Elizabeth Goldfarb 7/8/15
Attention & Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Carrasco Lab 8 session of 1-2 hours each $10/hour-4 sessions (experiment NOT including TMS); $25/hour-4 sessions (experiment including TMS) Laura Dugue and Mariel Roberts 7/21/15
Auditory Learning and Emotion Phelps Lab 1-1.5 Hours $15/hr (possible total of $30) Joseph Dunsmoor 7/8/15
Brain Mechanisms of Person Perception Freeman Lab 2 hours $40 ($20 per hour) Ryan Stolier 7/1/15
Choosing For Others Phelps Lab 1 Hour $10 + up to $43 bonus Grace Hallenbeck 7/8/15
Concept Learning 2 Murphy Lab 1 Hour $10 per hour David Bosch 12/5/14
Confidence in Perceptual Categorization Ma Lab 5 session over 2 weeks, 1 hour per session $10 per hour + a $15 completion bonus Will Adler 11/10/14
Coordinated Decisions of Eye and Hand Maloney Lab up to 2 hours $12 per hour plus performance-based bonus of up to $20 James Tee 7/21/15
Decision Making Study Glimcher Lab 1-1.5 hours $20 + task earnings Hui-Kuan Chung 1/13/15
Economic Choice Behavior Phelps Lab 1 Hour $10 Julian Wills 7/8/15
Economic Choice Behavior Feldman Phelps Lab 1 Hour $10 Gus Baker 7/8/15
Economic Decision Making Phelps Lab 1 Hour or less $15 with possibility of earning additional winning Candace Raio 7/8/15
Effort Mobilization Laure Freydefont 1 hour $10 9/17/14
Emotion and Acting Phelps Lab 1 Hour $10 Peter Sokol-Hessner 7/8/15
Emotion and Learning fMRIStudy Phelps Lab 1 session, 1-2 hours $30/hr Lauren Atlas 7/8/15
Emotional Learning Phelps Lab 2 sessions, 1 hour each, (both sessions must be 1 day apart) $15/hr Franchesca Ramirez 7/8/15
Emotional Learning-fMRI Phelps Lab Approximately 1-1.5 hours $35 Candace Raio 7/8/15
Event Duration Study Davachi Lab 1-2 hours subjects will be paid Brynn Sherman 1/8/15
Face Memory Kuhl Lab 1-3 sessions; each session appx 1.5 hours $25/hr in scanner; $10/hr out of scanner Avi Chanales 10/16/14
Face Recognition Yin Wang 1 hour $10 Yin Wang 12/4/14
fMRI study of Motivation and Memory Davachi Lab 2 consecutive days; session 1: 2.5 hours session 2: 1 hour Subjects will be paid for their participation Vishnu Murty 12/9/14
fMRI Study of Emotional Learning Davachi Lab 3 Sessions (see flyer for details) Subjects will be paid Bruce Dore 1/8/15
Foraging and Emotion Phelps Lab $15/hr with possibility of earning an additional $0-10 depending on task performance $35 Jennifer Lenow 7/8/15
Frequency and Decision Making Maloney Lab up to 2 hours $10 per hour James Tee 7/21/15
Hidden Images Davachi Lab 2 sessions over 2 consecutive days, 1.5 hours each Subjects will be paid Sara DuBrow 1/8/15
Image Identification Study Davachi Lab 2 sessions, 3hrs total, 2 hrs on day 1 & 1 hr on day 2 Subjects will be paid Alexa Tompary 12/9/14
Image Processing and Rest Phelps Lab 3 Hours $10/hr Jessica Dalrymple 7/8/15
Informed Search Task Phelps Lab 1 Hour $10 Elizabeth Goldfarb 7/8/15
Interacting Imagery Davachi Lab 2-day study on consecutive dats Subjects will be paid for their participation Emily Cowan 12/9/14
Learning and Affect Phelps Lab 3 sessions, approximately 30 mins each $45 Catherine Stevenson 7/8/15
Learning and Emotion Phelps Lab 1 Hour $15 Lauren Atlas 7/8/15
Long-term Memory fMRI Study Davachi Lab 2 sessions, 1 week apart (1st session- 2.5 hours including a 2-hour MRI, 2nd session-1.5 hours including a 1-hour MRI) Subjects will be paid Alexa Tompary 12/9/14
MEG Study of Psychophysics and Language Processing Marantz Lab 1 hour $15 Phoebe Gaston 1/24/15
Memory Game Kuhl Lab 45 mins -1.5 hrs Subjects will be paid for their participation Avi Chanales 10/16/14
Memory Strategies Kuhl Lab 3 hrs total (1.5 hrs in the scanner) Subjects will be paid for their participation Avi Chanales 10/14/14
Memory Study of Sequences Davachi Lab 1 session, 1-3 hrs Subjects will be paid Sara DuBrow 1/8/15
Monetary Decision Making Phelps Lab Approximately 1 hr $10 + up to $60 based on performance Karolina Lempert 9/10/14
Neural Correlates of Decision-Making Processes Glimcher Lab 2-5 sessions, about 1 hour for the first & up to 3 hours for others subjects will be compemsated for participation Michael Grubb 5/5/15
Neural Representation of Valuation Glimcher Lab 1 session, apprx 2 hours $40 plus possible food/consumer item rewards Mel Win Khaw 4/2/15
Neural Representation of Valuation Glimcher Lab 2 sessions, apprx 2 hours each $120 plus possible food/consumer items Mel Win Khaw 4/2/15
Perceiving Interacting People: fMRI Study Quadflieg Lab 2 hours, including 1-hour & 45-min MRI $50 total Yin Wang 6/12/15
Perceptual Learning: Amblyopia Carrasco Lab 1hr a day for up to 5 days; sessions need not be consecutive $15/hr Mariel Roberts 1/27/15
Personal Memories and Decision Making Phelps Lab 1 hour per day, 2 days (must be a 3 day gap between the 2 days) $10/hr with possibility of up to $40 based on performance Karolina Lempert 7/8/15
Search Strategies Phelps Lab 2 Hours $25/hr Elizabeth Goldfarb 7/8/15
Sleep Study_fMRI SoM School of Medicine (SoM) $10 per hour, overnight sleep study subject will be paid for participation Emily Cowan 2/25/15
Social Cognition Van Bavel Lab 1.5 - 2 hours $30; with possible additional compensation Leor Hackel 12/1/14
Social Identity, Social Issues and Communication… NYU Steinhardt 40-45minutes $10 Yeshim Iqbal 2/10/15
Social Judgments and Choices Van Bavel Lab 1 hr $10 Leor Hackel 10/25/14
Social Learning & Choice Amodio Lab 1 session, 1.5-2 hours $30 with possibility of earning additional money as part of the task Leor Hackel 3/10/15
Strategy and Decision-Making Phelps Lab 75 minutes $10/hr + up to $5 more based on performance Lindsay Hunter 7/8/15
Visual Learning and Emotion Phelps Lab 3 sessions over 3 consecutive days, 30 mins per session $15/hr + possibility of $45 upon completion Marijn Kroes 7/8/15
Visual Perceptual Learning And Attention Carrasco 1 hour $10 Marisa Carrasco 1/27/15
Worried About Your Drinking? Oettingen Lab 1-hour session, daily diary, and two (2) follow-up sessions: One after 4 and one 8 weeks (30 min each) $30 Sandra Wittleder 9/26/14