Parental Permission Forms

If (and only if) you are under 18 years of age you must get your parent's or guardian's written permission for each of the studies in which you want to participate. Each study has its own unique Parental Permission form. After you choose a study and sign up for it (on the Sona web site), download the Parental Permission form for that study and get the required signature on it. Then take it to the session you signed up for and give it to the researcher. Permission forms are available below and are listed alphabetically by study name.



Parental Permission Forms by Name

Study Expiration

Academic Concerns-Credit 1-13-14
Allocate Rewards_Credit_Paid10-17-14
Are you a maverick?_0.5Credit10-21-14
Are you a maverick?_1Credit10-21-14
Are you a maverick?_Money10-21-14
Are You Complex_Paid09-01-15
Are You Complex_0.5Credit09-01-15
Are You Complex_1Credit09-01-15
Are You Informed? 3-05-15
Attention And Perceptual Learning1-26-15
Attitudes and Beliefs_Credit07-19-15
Be Unstoppable 2-8-15
Beliefs about Groups_Credit10-17-14
Capturing Insight_Credit11-19-14
Categorization Skills Credit 10-21-14
Concentration and Effort3-31-15
Concept Learning 212-05-14
Creative Minds 3_Credit11-1-14
Connect 66-01-15
Creative Problem Solving_Credit_Paid 9-29-14
Daily Life Study 1 3-25-15
Depression and Daydreams_Credit07-08-15
Dynamics of Person Perception [EEG]_Paid5-01-15
Dynamics of Person Perception [EEG]_Credit5-01-15
Dynamics of Person Perception [Behavioral]_Paid5-01-15
Dynamics of Person Perception [Behavioral]_Credit5-01-15
Emotion and Cognition_Credit 9-25-14
Evaluating Others_Credit01-27-15
Evaulating Others_Money01-27-15
Face Perception EEG_Credit_Paid 10-5-14
Face Study-Behavioral+EEG_Credit11-8-14
Figure It Out!_Credit04-16-15
Film Facts_Credit06-26-15
Film Facts_Money06-26-15
Fitness Over Failure_Credit_Paid10-29-14
Games In Groups_1 Credit07-02-15
Games In Groups_0.5 Credit07-02-15
Graduate School 1016-01-15
Heart and Mind 4-08-15
Hidden Images_Credit 10-21-14
How We Remember10-10-14
Identifying Emotion Expressions_Credit_Paid10-17-14
Image Memory Study_Credit11-8-14
Impulsivity on College Campuses_Credit10-24-14
Induction 13-04-15
Induction 13-04-15
Induction 23-04-15
Induction 33-04-15
Induction 43-04-15
Law & Order NYU_Credit 12-18-14
Law & Order NYU_Money 12-18-14
Mind and Body Interactions 03-08-15
Mind-Body Interactions_Credit11-14-14
NewOldRelationships_Credit_Paid_Exp2-23-15 2-23-15
Observing People_Behavioral03-10-15
Observing People_EEG03-10-15
On The Scene_Credit07-22-15
On The Scene_Money 07-22-15
Person Perception fMRI_Credit_Paid 9-25-14
Personality and Perception_Credit_Paid 10-5-14
Personal and Social Judgments 1_Credit04-10-15
Personal and Social Judgments 2_Credit04-10-15
Quick Reactions_Behavioral_Credit04-10-15
Quick Reactions_EEG_Credit04-10-15
Quick Reactions_PhysiologicalArousal_Credit04-10-15
Rapid Response_Credit09-15-15
Rapid Response_Money 09-15-15
Rate This Object 3-31-15
Reasoning and Behavior_Credit11-14-14
Snap Judgments II_Credit11-14-14
Social Attitudes And Opinions4-08-15
Social Brain_Credit 09-15-15
Social Brain_Money09-15-15
Social_Decisions_1_Credit_Paid 1-30-15
Social Dynamics_Credit_Paid10-25-14
Social Identity and Cognition_0.5+1Credit01-22-15
Social Judgments and Behavior_Credit1-12-15
Social Judgments and Choices_30+60Min_Credit10-25-14
Social Learning 13-10-15
Social Learning 23-10-15
Social Learning and Choice_1_Credit03-10-15
Social Learning and Choice_2_Credit03-10-15
Sound and Face Perception10-28-14
Spontaneous Inferences 2 3-13-15
Think Fast_0.5credit_Credit11-14-14
Thinking and Feeling_Credit10-25-14
Thinking Styles..._Credit09-14-15
To Drink or Not to Drink_Credit10-28-14
Whats on your mind_Credit10-25-14
Where's Waldo6-01-15
Who do you think you are_Credit 9-29-14
You Be The Judge_Credit06-26-15
You Be The Judge_Money06-26-15