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My research interests incorporate questions pertaining to identity, justice, and the social system, with a focus on the environmental domain.

One line of research examines the intersection of construal level theory and social identity. Current research explores how taking distal and proximal perspectives on a social group to which a person belongs influences construal, evaluation and stereotyping of that group and its members, as well as one's own identity vis-à-vis the group. Drawing on construal level theory, we propose that that a high level construal of a group will be associated with more abstract and structured representations, such as stereotypes and global evaluations, and will elicit one's collective identity with the group. On the other hand, low level construal of one's groups may be associated with a more contextual, interpersonal representation of the group, and elicit one's relational identity vis-à-vis the group. As a result, construal may influence the valence of evaluations and the ascription of stereotypes to group members, as well as how one responds to interactions with representatives of those groups.

Another line of research explores the interactive effect of mental construal and social value orientation on decision making in environmental commons dilemmas. Current projects investigate whether adopting a more abstract, integrative mindset allows people to take into consideration the social and long-term consequences of their decisions, and alleviate some of the negative consequences of acting in line with a selfish orientation, giving rise to greater cooperation in sharing limited resources.

Irina Feygina
Irina Feygina

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