Thank you for exploring the possibility of becoming involved in our lab. The success of the lab depends heavily upon the involvement of intelligent and passionate students. We are currently taking applications for both undergraduate and graduate students, however we would like to emphasize that research assistant positions are highly competitive. Our application process is as follows: 1) We will receive your required application materials including a brief resume (1 page) and cover letter (1 page); 2) We will create a personal application file for you that doctoral students and postodoctoral fellows can access to review your materials; 3) If a doctoral student or postdoctoral fellow is interested in interviewing you, he/she will reach out to you at the contact you provide; 4) If you do not hear back, it only means that no one is currently seeking a new research assistant, but your materials will remain on file for when someone is looking to hire. We generally select undergraduate students who are willing to commit 10 hours/week for at least 8 months but that is not a prerequisite. For example, we may consider a greater weekly commitment over a shorter period of time (e.g., 20 hours/week over 4 months). Please read the application procedures for undergraduate and graduate students and contact us with the necessary information. Please only contact us at the email address, do not email me directly. Inquiries made to me will not be returned to ensure fairness for those seeking positions by having everyone apply through the same interface. We encourage applications from students who are able to bring independent funding from a host country or institution as we rarely have funding to support research assistants.


We are not accepting applications from high school students at this time. However, recent high school graduates who are enrolled to NYU in the forthcoming academic year are eligible to apply for a position in the lab (see Undergraduate Research Opportunities).


Undergraduate research opportunities include volunteer work, independent study (for course credit), honors research and summer research opportunities. If you would like to be considered for a Research Assistant position in my lab please send us a brief resume (1 page) and cover letter (1 page) outlining your relevant experiences, goals, and skills, and your overall GPA. Research Assistant positions are competitive and we generally take students with a strong academic record (e.g., GPA > 3.5), but no previous research experience is necessary.

Independent Study (Research Experiences and Methods): Undergraduate students are paired with faculty, advanced graduate students, or other researchers on a one-to-one basis to pursue common research goals in psychology. Undergraduates serve as apprentices on survey, laboratory, clinical, and field research projects and in return receive guidance in reading and developing research skills. Weekly meetings deal with research methods and design and allow students an opportunity to speak on their research projects. Written assignments include several brief assignments and a final journal-style research report. In our lab this involves conducting basic research and is often useful preparation for an honors thesis in the same area of research (see

Honors Program: The goal of the Honors Program is to provide the best intellectual training the department can give to psychology majors. Honors students typically gain admittance to the best graduate and professional schools. Applications are accepted from juniors who plan to graduate the following Spring term. Requirements for application to the program include an overall and Psychology GPA > 3.65 and a faculty sponsor. In our lab, honors students take a lead role in developing, conducting and disseminating a series of studies (see

Summer Research Program: The Center for Neural Science hosts a summer research experience program for undergraduates with an interest in neuroscience. This program is designed to foster entry into a neuroscience research-centered career. Students apply for positions in a 10-week summer program during which they actively participate in research projects in the laboratories of New York University science faculty. The NSF-REU site grant provides housing, living expense, a meal plan and reimbursement for travel to non-NYU students who are accepted into the SURP (see

SPSP Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR): The Society for Personality and Social Psychology offers a brand new summer funding opportunity for college juniors, seniors, and recent grads (within 12 months of graduation) who are under-represented ethnic groups seeking to gain valuable research experience. Participating students contact a mentor, apply to SPUR, and conduct research and research-related activities full-time for 8 weeks over the summer. Students receive a $3,000 stipend to cover living expenses and up to $500 to cover travel. If you are eligible and interested in joining our lab through this funding opportunity, please contact us with your CV and research interests. For application deadlines see:


NYU offers several post-graduate research opportunities, including volunteer work, independent studies (for course credit), collaborations, dissertation research and visiting/postdoctoral fellowships. If you are interested in completing post-graduate work at NYU, please send Jay your application materials (CV, GPA, GRE, etc) and a brief summary of your research interests and career goals.

MA Program: The MA Program is structured as a terminal degree open to qualified students with diverse backgrounds who wish to develop or improve their academic and work qualifications in psychology. Many of these students ultimately gain acceptance in a variety of doctoral programs across the country and during their stay with us benefit from an in-depth advisement process. Students in our terminal MA Program can volunteer or complete research in our lab for course credit as part of their research methods and experiences or independent research courses (see

PhD Program: Highly motivated students who wish to pursue a PhD in the NYU Department of Psychology can apply to the Cognition and Perception Program or Social Program. Although students interested in joining my lab should feel free to apply to the program that best reflects their research interests, it is important to note that my primary affiliation is with the Social Psychology Program. Although we are only able to admit a very small number of applicants to our program, these students are very well supported intellectually and financially at NYU (see

Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars: If you are interested in working as a Postdoctoral Fellow or Visiting Scholar in the NYU Department of Psychology please contact Jay directly to make arrangements. Unless otherwise specified, Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars will need to obtain external funding to support their stay. For instance, the NYU Postdoctoral and Transition Program for Academic Diversity Fellowship program provides funding for up to five Faculty Fellows. These compeitive positions provide salary ($40,000/yr), a housing allowance ($20,000/yr) and a research allowance ($2,000) for up to two years (applications are due on November 15th). An additional opportunity for postdoctoral funding is the NSF SBE Postdoctoral Fellowship. We will provide office space and any required resources.